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  • 3Chi Delta 8 + THCv Gummies
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    3Chi Delta 8 + THCv Gummies


    About Delta 8 + THCv Gummies Delta 8 THCv gummies are a form of candy edibles, meaning the THC is absorbed in the stomach after being eaten. All 3Chi gummies are also vegan and fully gluten-free, made from a natural fiber base known as pectin. Edibles...

  • 3Chi Delta 8 Oil Tincture - 300mg
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    3Chi Delta 8 Oil Tincture


    3Chi Delta 8 THC tincture contains a broad spectrum hemp extract with Delta 8 THC, other cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDv, CBG, etc), and terpenes that help with effectiveness, and MCT as a carrier oil. Delta 8 THC Tincture Product...

  • 3Chi Delta 8 Gummies
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    3Chi Delta 8 Gummies


    3Chi delta 8 gummies contain 25mg per gummy and come in two flavors, black raspberry and watermelon.  Our delta 8 gummies can last over a year if stored properly in a cool, dark place like a refrigerator. Serving Size: typically 1/2 a gummy or 1...