Punch You In The Eye (PYITE) Pin

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  • Product Description: Featuring original artwork from Tripp Shealy of, this soft enamel pin measures 1.5 inches across and has 2 posts. The backs are stamped with the Kingpin Designs logo, Tripp Shealy's signature and TStar logo, the Pin Mafia logo and they are individually numbered out of 500.
  • Bright colors depict the chains and specks of islands curved in this pin, the 8th one of Tripp's Gamhendge series. This 1.5 inch soft enamel pin is finished in gold plating, has 2 backs, and is stamped on the back with Tripp's signature, the Tripps Prints logo, the Kingpin Designs logo, the Pin Mafia logo, and are individually numbered out of 500.
    • When the morning came and the storm had passed
      And the dismal fog began at last
      To open up before my eyes
      And there I saw to my surprise

      Chains and specks of islands curved
      Where palm trees dipped and seagulls swerved
      And I parked my kayak on a stone
      And yelled across the ocean to his evil throne
  • Double Post
  • Size: 1.25"
  • Last One!!  Number 455