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Mexican Fire Agate Pinecone Pendant

Third Eye Pinecones

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  • Product Description: Strong, grounding, and enlivening, Fire Agate is deeply connected to the energy of the earth. It instills a sense of security and safety, dispelling fear and granting comfort and protection during trying times. Bringing connection with our internal fire element as well, it enables us to more easily rekindle our passion, sensuality, and inner vitality.
  • Every pinecone pendant is an elegant gift from Mother Nature -- unveiling the ornate Sacred Geometry hidden at the center of one of the world's densest Pinecones. Because only one cross-section is taken from the "heart" of each Cone, every pendant is absolutely unique, and truly one-of-a-kind.

**Pendant pictured will be the exact piece you receive**

  • Size: H-1.75" x W-1.75"